Starting Campaign Characters

Setting Information
You were born into the Mirsk Empire, a large empire that in our time frame would be early in the age of enlightenment (Think pirate, musketeer technology level, early 1700’s), Guns and many other technologies exist alongside magic and traditional fantasy weapons. The empire has few monsters (such as the rare dragon or undead) or other races.

  • Some have never existed such as goblins or orcs
  • Some have died out been killed many centuries ago such as kobolds or giants.
  • Some have been gone for so long they only exist as myths of legends such as Fey or primordials.

Your people follow a single religion, The Holy Order of Stars which is devoted to the three gods of your pantheon.
Religious instruction in your peoples faith and basic education is given to all Mirsk.
Your people believe in freedom of mind and body, encourage invention and creativity and oppose slavery.
Your people all speak a common first language of Mirsk (Common), it is the language of your people.

Character Information

  • You are a member of the Mirsk Empire and among Mirsk different races means little, you are all Mirsk.
  • You have grown up in the middle of a war, a war your people have are losing, badly. You are defending one of the last surviving fortresses of your people in your world, 90% of your people are dead, those who have been able to flee your world have.
  • You are a loyal to the Mirsk people and have chosen to fight to try to save your people for one reason or another and to make sure those who have fled can’t be followed.
  • You and your companions have known each other at least two years, two years that you were stuck together fighting in the same fortress under siege. You trust each other with your lives.

Read the following: What has gone before

Your Quest

  • You have chosen to accept the quest to deliver the Cup of Souls to the head of the Wardens at the motherhouse in Vass at all costs and be magically bound to complete the quest.
  • Once the relic is delivered the binding will dissipate.

Ability Scores
Players have two options when creating a character for ability scores. The may roll for each ability score or they may take a set ability score array.

  • Roll: 3D6 for each ability score
  • Array: 16/14/12/10/8/8

Initial characters must belong to those races that exist amongst the Mirsk.
Note: Aasimar, Dragonborn, Shifters, Tierflings and Warforged are extremely rare in the empire, together they make up less then 1% of the population and each of these races belong to a single family bloodline.

The following races are allowed:

  • Aasimar (Rare): Aasimar are the members of the Valdemar Family. They are a progressive noble family.
  • Dragonborn (Rare): Dragonborn are members of the Dunbar Family. They are an very conservative noble family.
  • Halfling: Halflings are the second most common race.
  • Half-Elf: Half-Elves are uncommon.
  • High Elf: High Elves are uncommon.
  • Hill Dwarf: Hill Dwarves are uncommon.
  • Human: Humans are the most common race.
  • Shifters (Rare): Shifter’s are members of the Breden Family. They are a hardworking new noble (think redneck) family.
  • Tiefling (Rare): Tieflings are members of the Ansiti Family. They are a power hungry noble (think mafia) family.
  • Warforged (Rare): Warforged were created by and serve the Mirsk Warders


  • Barbarians: Do not exist among the Mirsk
  • Bard: Any
  • Bloodhunter: Ghostslayer Bloodhunter only, they serve the Broken One in the Obsidian Order.
  • Cleric: Any but the domains of Death, Nature or War. All clerics are members of the Holy Order of Stars, see under Religions
  • Druid: Do not exist among the Mirsk.
  • Fighter: Any, plus Gunslinger
  • Monk: Any, Sun Souls are Valdemar Family only
  • Paladin: Any, Oath of the Crown are members of the Phoenix Knights, All other paladins are members of the Holy Order of Stars, see under Religions
  • Ranger: Any,
  • Rogue: Any
  • Sorcerer: None, except for the Dragon Sorcerers of the Dunbar Family
  • Warlock: Fiend ( Ansiti Family only) or Archfey ( Breden Family only)
  • Wizard: Any

Mirsk Gods (Holy Order of the Stars)

Selection of languages is limited because some have never been encountered in the empire proper or have been forgotten over time. These languages are not available, if you get one of these from somewhere switch it out for something else.
They are: Abyssal, Deep Speech, Gnoll, Gnomish, Goblin, Orc, Primordial or Sylvan.

Choose any from the following: Acolyte, City Watch (Sword Coast), Courtier (Sword Coast), Criminal, Entertainer,Guild Artisan, Inheritor (Sword Coast), Knight of the Order(Sword Coast) Noble, Sage, Sailor, Soldier, or Urchin

  • If you are a Noble your rank is Gentlemen/Lady, Esquire, Knight, or Baronet (random)
  • If you are a Soldier your rank is Private, Corporal, Sergeant or Lieutenant (random)

You start at level 3

How the adventure begins: The Beginning

You characters have encountered few or no monsters in your life, most of those that existed in your world disappeared eons ago. You have fought demons/devils and know that silver and magical weapons are most effective against them. Fey, genies, giants, minotaurs, medusa, lycanthropes and most undead are merely ancients legends and myths. You have never heard of goblins, orcs, gnolls, trolls ,displacer beasts or most monsters. This all new to you and your people from the empire.

Character Creation

Starting Campaign Characters

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