Bleakwing is the Old One who is served by the kobolds of Wyvern`s Tor. He is an ancient and powerful dragon.

The Broken One
The Broken One is an ancient power, an Old One, forgotten by all but the a few sages, cults and Obsidian Order. Once part of the Mirsk pantheon he was killed and now only exists as a powerful spirit patron his domains now held by other gods. He is a patron of freedom and luck, devoted to the protection of mortals from the interference of immortal beings such as celestials, demons, fey and undead and to the destruction of those who do interfere.

Denar is the Old One who rules the Styaks and is served by the undead. He is the patron of undeath.

Elemental Spirits
The religion of the Shoanti is a religion devoted worship the spirits of the earth, wind, air, water and spirit. As a result of these beliefs the Shoanti are also a very superstitious people and have many commonly held superstitions as well as those held by a particular people. Players are encouraged to come up with a number of superstitions for their character.

Holy Order of the Stars
The religion of the Mirsk is a Polytheistic religion devoted to the worship all three gods of their pantheon equally. All members of the clergy serve in the same order, The Holy Order of the Stars, they may be devoted to one specific god but they all serve in the same order, the Warders are the exception as their clerics and paladins are bound to serve the pantheon as a whole not a specific god. The Holy Order of Stars serves the Goddess Illias (Life & Light), and the Gods O’lykii (Arcana & Knowledge) and Zerai (Tempest & Trickery). Though the order accepts that their are powers outside their pantheon they acknowledge few as true gods. They acknowledge the gods of the elves and dwarves, Mab, Culann, Titiana, as true gods they consider all other powers as false gods. The one exception to this is The Broken One, he they consider a dead god, who while once part of their pantheon was killed and reduced to a mere spirit, who might one day re-ascend to reclaim his place in the pantheon.

Kael is the Old One who is served by the orcs of the Moonwalde. He is the patron of corruption.

Is the god spirit worshiped by the Teroth Imperium. Created by a merging when their greatest hero slew the Old One who created their race and in the process died himself.

Rescari is the Old One who is served by the goblins of the Briarthorn.

Culann (War) is the God worshiped by the dwarves of Ironholt. Culann has the domain of War.

Sila is the Old One who is served by the gnolls of the Wolveskagg. She is a one of the oldest and most powerful demon lords.

The Twins
The twins are the twin goddesses of the Qahn, Titiana (Nature) the summer queen and Mab (Death), the winter queen. Titiana has the domain of Nature while Mab has the domain of Death.

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