Obsidian Order

The Obsidian Order is an order of witchhunters who are sworn to serve the ancient power The Broken One in ridding the worlds of immortal beings who harm mortals. Before the discovery and expansion into Kelia it was a small mostly obscure order who most people had no contact with and many had never heard of. With Kelia’s discovery the order has became more active and well known, and then came the war, since then it has grown quickly.

They are lead by Baroness Adara Springlark, their headquarters is located in Sagemound.

Leader: Baroness Adara Springlark
Headquarters: Sagemound
Goal: Destruction of Celestials, Demons, Fey, Undead and other mystical forces who interfere with or harm mortals.
Makeup: 80% Blood Hunters, 20% way of the Long Death Monks.


Obsidian Order

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