For over two thousand years the Mirsk ruled an empire that stretched more then a thousand miles in every direction from their capital Dal’Ren. As the empire expanded it integrated many cultures and races into it becoming a diverse land rich in history with a highly developed culture of free thinking and learning.

The Fall
Twenty three years ago the Imarii Hegemony attacked the Mirsk Empire without warning, overwhelming the empires outer provinces within days. Leading an army of demons the Imarii overwhelmed the empires army burned their cities and destroyed everything in their path. For nearly twenty three years the Mirsk threw everything they had against the Imarii to no avail, the empire fell. All that remains of the once mighty empire is a small province called Brynn on a continent called Kelia in a far off plane.

When the Mirsk first discovered Kelia one hundred and fifty years ago they thought it a wild land populated only by monsters and savage barbarians, perfect for colonization. As they began to settle this new land they discovered that Kelia was covered in the ruins of an ancient advanced civilization. Diyun, the capital of the new province of Brynn was build upon one such ruin. Nearly ten years after they first colonized the south east coast of Kelia they discovered that they weren’t alone, two other civilized raced lived upon the continent, the dwarves of Ironholt and the Fae of the Qahn.

Today Diyun, the new capital of the Mirsk, rules over the small, prosperous mostly peaceful territory of Brynn. Originally discovered by Sir Angus Foxborne, he was rewarded by the empire with the rank of Duke of Brynn and given governance of Brynn for the empire. Over the years Brynn has grown slowly turning into a small slice of civilization in the middle of the wild frontier.
But with the fall of the empire the province has seen an influx of refugees from empire, nearly doubling its population over the last ten years gaining a rough edge. Most Mirsk in Brynn have settled in the fertile Acomii, Kosh, Muir, Sabba, Trill and Welsh valleys while the more adventurous or desperate try their luck outside the relative safely of the Brynn heartlands.


  • Aasimar (Rare): Aasimar are the members of the Valdemar Family.
  • Dragonborn (Rare): Dragonborn are members of the Dunbar Family.
  • Halfling (Common): Halflings only exist among the Mirsk.
  • Half-Elf (Uncommon): Half-Elves only exist among the Mirsk
  • High Elf (Uncommon): High Elves only exist among the Mirsk
  • Hill Dwarf (Uncommon): Hill Dwarves only exist among the Mirsk
  • Human (Common): Humans are the most common Mirsk race.
  • Shifters (Rare): Shifters are members of the Breden Family.
  • Tiefling (Rare): Tieflings are members of the Ansiti Family.
  • Warforged (Rare): Warforged were created by and serve the Obsidian Order.

Note: Aasimar, Dragonborn, Shifters, Tierflings and Warforged are extremely rare in the empire, together they make up less then 1% of the population.



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