Dunbar Family

The Dunbar family is a family of Dragonborn decended from an ancient two headed dragon, the Old One Ayida-Weddo and humans. Also known as the Rainbow Serpent, Ayida-Webbo has one male head with scales of chromatic colors and one female head with scales of metalic colors.

They are known as a very conservative family and believe in the rights and obligations of the nobility and that they are superior to those of lower rank. They think engaging in trade or common politics is beneath them.

Holding: None, they were lost in the fall of the empire, but the Earl is Lord Defender of Brynn, they have an estate in Diyun.
Head: Earl Alistair Dunbar

Dragon Sorcerers
Some members of the Dunbar family are able to manifest the magical gifts of dragon magic.

Dunbar Family

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