Long ago Kelia was a civilized continent covered with the many towns and cities of the Shoanti. Then around eight centuries ago a great dragon of immense dark power arrived and destroyed their cities and killed or scattered their people. Only the deep caves of the Ironholt and the fey magic of the Qahn saved them from suffering a similar fate. In time the dragon was killed by the Shoanti, Ironholt and Qahn, but in its destruction it`s vast power was released over Kelia and caused the awakening of old powers long dormant. These Old Ones called to those people who once served them and claimed once again those land that were once theirs. These lands, the Wolveskagg, Wyvern`s Tor, Briarthorn, Styax, and the Moonwalde were corrupted by their presence and became twisted dark places.

Arrival of the Mirsk
About one hundred and fifty years ago the Mirsk first discovered Kelia and settled in the sparsly populated south east of the continent. Dispite the ocassional engagement with Shoanti raiders the only signifigant trouble the Mirsk had was with the Briarthorn Goblins. They have slowly settled most of the south east of Kelia and since the invasion of the Teroth have entered into an tentitive alliance with the Shoanti against the Teroth.

Invasion of the Teroth Imperium
Fourty Two years ago the Teroth Imperium invaded Kelia. They sailied out of the west in a fleet of hundreds of galleys and attacked the lands of the Spiritwalker tribe of Shoanti, utterery destroying them and settling their lands. From there they attempted to invade the lands of the Shoanti`Vesi but were stopped by a fleet of Shoanti longboats and Mirsk warships. Despite outnumbering the Shoanti and Mirsk fleet by nearly four to one the more advanced warships and cannons of the Mirsk decimated the Teroth fleet. Since then they have been reduced to slowly expanding their holdings and raiding at every opportunity.

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