Kelia is a land rich with many resources such as coal, copper, silver, tin and many others. It is however semmengly poor in once signifigant resource, iron, with the only known source of iron on the continent being deep within Ironholt under the care of the Ironblood clan, and that vein is old thin vein deep in the earth. Discoveries of other sources of iron are rare and typically small thin deposits that quickly play out. Acording to the Shoanti legends most of Kelia’s iron was destroyed by the Qahn to protect the fae.

Copper and tin on the other hand are reletivly common enough and this has resulted in bronze being the most common and affordable type of metal for the crafting of weapons or tools and iron being expensive and reserved for things that require iron for the strength or for those who can afford it as a luxury.

Bronze Item Modifiers

Steel or iron items typically costs 3 to 5 times as much as bronze ones.




Special Items

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