The Beginning

You awaken with a fuzzy head and with the memory of hearing fighting, trying to stand, a feeling of dizzyness and then darkness. Looking around you find yourself stripped and locked in the ships bilge along with the rest of your companions, a heavily wounded captain Thran, and the bodies of the Warcaster Jai, Father Brail and several other warders. Over the next several days despite a number of attempts you determine that the bilge is magically sealed and warded preventing the use of any magic and hurting anyone trying to force their way out. Your only contact with your captors being when a crewmember, that you recognize as member of the Swift Gulls crew, throws down a little food and water through the grate without responding to your questions. Five days after your imprisonment you feel the ship shake, the beating of wings and the screech of a large beast as it lands on the ships deck, several minutes later you hear the Swift Gulls captain speaking to someone whose voice you don’t recognize.

" Kazet requires immediate delivery of the cup"
“Of course Notaz, I’ll have it fetched for you. What about the prisoners?”
“He will want to question their Captain, a pity you weren’t able to take the Warcaster alive though he would have been quite the prize. Deliver them to Tormak in Morthyr’s Den, he’ll arrange for the captain and any others of value to be delivered and dispose of the rest, the Imperium is always in the market for more slaves.”
" Ah, here it is as requested. And our payment?"
" 5000 gold as requested" you hear the chinking of coins.
“Always a pleasure Notaz, will you require anything else?”
“Nothing immediate, but check with Tormak, he may have something, if nothing else he’ll have something to put in your hold to make the next trip profitable.”

You hear the screech of the beast, the sound of beating wings and feel the shutter of the ship as the beast carrying Notaz and the Cup leave.

Two Days later the storm hits, engulphing the ship, howling and tossing the ship about. Hours later the storm still raging, the ship groaning and creaking and the bilge half full of water you hear a horn and the roar of the ship’s of cannons firing. Over the next wile you hear the cannons fire several more times, then the grinding noise of two ships connecting and the sound of fighting. The next sound you hear is a crunching and the sound of breaking wood as the ship runs aground and begins to break apart. You are thrown against the top of the bilge, tossed about and briefly see dark sky, lightning and then water as the ship breaks apart dragging you down into the storm tossed sea.

What has gone before

You have grown up in a empire at war, for all your life your people, the Mirsk, have been fighting a loosing war with the Imarii and their dark armys. Raised into a life of war you grew up a loyal Mirsk, fighting to save your people from certain death and allow those who were able to, to flee.Your fight has lead you to have ended up fighting at one of the last suriving bastions of your people, the motherhouse of the Mirsk Warders, the fortress of Vthan. As one of its last suriving defenders, you have suffered under seige for nearly 2 years, fighting off the Imarii’s army of demons to give the wardens time to finish their job to protect the Mirsk people.

The wardens have managed to seal the last of the World Gates from the Imarii, sealing them off from other worlds and protecting those of your people who have managed to flee from being followed. All that is left is for the three relics Aahan’Ren, the “Cup of Souls”, the “Blade of Runes” and the “Torque of Sacrifice”, to be taken from this world to prevent their use in reopening the world gates. Each of the three relics will be sent from this world on a seperate ship that has been sent to retrieve them and transport them to their new home in the warden’s new motherhouse on Kelia, in the town of Vass. Each relic is to be escorted to its destination by a select team magically bound to protect and deliver it at all cost to the new motherhouse.

You and your team, accompanied by several warders under the command of Captain Thran, Warcaster Jai and Father Brail are escorting the “Cup of Souls” on the ship “Swift Gull”, a brig belonging to Captain Cyran, that has been hired to deliver you to the city of Diyun. Those not choosen and the few surviving elders of the order in Vthan made an attack against the enemy to cover your escape, making a last stand, distracting the enemy and allowing the three ships to escape with the relics. As your ship sailed into its gateway you saw behind you the fortresses failsafes ignite, causing the very stones crack and burst into fire destroying the fortress and its defenders making sure the Imarii will never hold Vathan or its secrets. You and your team managed to escape the Irathi and their seige onboard the “Swift Gull” and over several months have made your way through the ways to the plane in which Kelia lay and are now only a few weeks sailing from Brynn and the city of Diyun.


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